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As a student in journalism and political science in Lille, I photograph mainly in the North of France. I have been able to work with The Guardian, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Libération and so on, covering local socio-political events. I am indeed keen to work on political and environmental issues, which are of particular interest to me.
I am able to produce photos, but also video and editorial content. As a holder of a driving licence and a car, I can go and cover an event at the last minute. I am also willing to travel to other territories if necessary, notably Belgium.

I’m also producing podcasts and audio content.

You can contact me

Assignments, prints, collaborations etc


In case of emergency such as last minute coverage

(+33) 6 38 78 78 08


For a better security, you can also find me on Telegram & Signal (@websaison).